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    Defiance Radio


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    Defiance Radio

    Post  Blizza on Thu Jan 15, 2009 6:55 am

    Hi guys,

    You find guildchat to be dead silent most times of the day?
    You want some more entertainment in this guild.

    Well I just came up with Defiance Radio, where music will be broadcasted during the times we ARE NOT raiding.
    I've been playing with this idea for a while, not necessairly ment to do it with Defiance.
    But might aswell as i'm this guild. Atm there's a channel on vent where i'll be playing music sets ocassionally, but there is more to come ...

    The Radio:

    Right some information;
    - Basically just ment to share and play some music to lighten up your wow days.
    - You are ALL allowed to play music, this by booking the channel (if this idea gets enough support then i'll upload a "HOW TO" guide)
    - I'm gonna set up some proper equipement at my house to be able to make it a "real" radio station
    - Broadcasts will happen on set times, other then them times the channel will be password locked!

    Future plans:

    Soon released ones:
    - Request shows, Playing music your request by /w the Dj's ingame.
    - In real life NEWS + WoW ingame news

    Future ones:
    - Live broadcast from Defiance raids ingame supplied with commentary covered by guild people.


    I'm willing to put a shitload of time into this, but i can't do this alone.
    If there are people that share the same idea and would love to help out, please send me a mail or /w

    But most important thing of all!

    I need your support above all. If you think this idea is shit then do tell me (so i don't put my time in it & i can take a punch or 2 so be honest)
    Because setting this up and no one shows up is a bit of EPIC FAIL !

    Looking forward to your replies.
    If you got any questions or ideas, please post them.


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