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    Plague Quarter boss tact + vids


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    Plague Quarter boss tact + vids

    Post  Mcpantoffel on Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:45 am


    Noth the Plaguebringer has approximately 8,440,000 hit points.
    Phase One

    * Curse of the Plaguebringer:

    Curses ten random players. If they are not decursed within 10 seconds they will inflict Wrath of the Plaguebringer on themselves and all allies within 30 yards.

    * Wrath of the Plaguebringer:

    For every missed curse everyone within 30 yards will suffer 5550 to 6450 immediate shadow damage and 3150 to 3850 shadow damage every two seconds for ten seconds. This application of 23,000+ damage to the entire raid will generally cause a wipe.

    * Blink:

    He blinks periodically throughout the fight, causing a complete Aggro wipe. Cooldown is around 25 seconds when he is in the room, and he only travels a short distance.

    * Cripple:

    He will cast this every time he blinks, on those around where he blinks FROM, doing an AoE debuff that slows movement by 50%, attack speed by 100% and reduces strength by 50%. Dispellable.

    * Summon Plagued Warriors - Every 30 seconds Noth the Plaguebringer will summon three Plagued Warriors. These have ~125,000 hit points and melee for ~3000 on plate. They can cleave.

    * Berserk - Noth the Plaguebringer will Berserker Enrage after three skeleton phases. This will increase his damage by 1000%.

    Phase Two

    Every 110 seconds of combat Noth will teleport away to a balcony and become invulnerable while waves of skeletons attack the raid. Phase two lasts 70 seconds after which Noth will commence phase one again.

    * Plagued Champions - These have ~130,000 HP and melee for ~3500 on plate. They have mortal strike and Shadow Shock which does 2960 to 3440 Shadow damage to all raid members within 25 yards. Cast randomly and often. Four will come at a time with two waves total.

    * Plagued Guardian - These will only appear in the second and third skeleton phases. They have ~100,000 HP and melee for ~1,000 on plate. They will cast Arcane Explosion which will deal ~6,000 damage to all targets within 30 yards. Two of these will replace two Plagued Champions in each wave. Due to the fact that it is quite possible to kill Noth before the second skeleton phase, it is unlikely you will encounter these.

    DANCE BOSS !! heigen the dirty man

    Heigan the Unclean has approximately 9,270,000 hit points. Note that unlike 40-man Naxxramas the tunnel before Heigan is no longer a gauntlet.
    Phase One

    * Spell Disruption:

    This is a 20-yard aura around Heigan the Unclean. It will increase cast times by 300%.

    * Decrepit Fever:

    This is a disease applied to a random player which will do 4,500 Nature damage every 3 seconds and reduce the maximum hit points of every player within 20 yards by 50%.

    Phase Two

    After 90 seconds Heigan will teleport to the middle of the raised platform and begin chanelling.

    * Plague Cloud:

    Deals 7,500 Nature damage a second to any player remaining on the raised platform during Phase Two.

    * Eruption:

    Three quarters of the remaining area of the room will be hit by eruption every few seconds during Phase Two. Does 6650 to 7350 Nature damage on a hit. Near the edge of a safe spot players will only be hit once. In the middle of unsafe spots they will be hit multiple times which is generally fatal.

    <--- here you can see what area's are to be danced in! cheers


    Loatheb's melee is relatively weak. Loatheb has approximately 20,200,000 hit points.

    * Necrotic Aura:

    Every 20 seconds Loatheb will cast Necrotic Aura on the raid, reducing all healing done by 100% for 17 seconds. This means you get 3 seconds to heal every 20 seconds.

    * Deathbloom:

    Every 30 seconds Loatheb will cast this on the raid. Does 400 Nature damage a second for five seconds followed by a 'Bloom' of death for 1500 damage as a reverse Lifebloom. Undispellable.

    * Inevitable Doom:

    Loatheb begin to cast it after two minutes of combat. Inflicts 5000 Shadow damage after 10 sec. 100 yards, every 30 secs. 5 mins after engaging, this will be every 15 secs. This debuff can not be dispelled, cleansed, or decursed and the damage can not be resisted. Ice Block, Cloak of Shadows and Divine Shield will remove it.

    * Fungal Creep:

    This is a beneficial "debuff" on players gained during the encounter. Critical chance increased by 50%. Spells and abilities cause no threat. 90 secs duration. Loatheb summons spores approximately every 30 secs. Killing the spore (which has very low HP) allows five people within 10 yards to recieve this buff.

    Have fun!Razz

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