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    Arachnid Quarter Boss tact + vids


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    Arachnid Quarter Boss tact + vids

    Post  Mcpantoffel on Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:34 am

    ill post vids of the diff fight so you can study them

    Anub'rekhan a nub i recon

    * Anub'Rekhan has approximately 6,763,325 hit points. Two Crypt Guards adds will show up at the start of the encounter.



    This is an area of effect ability that targets a random player and hits everyone in a straight line between Anub'Rekhan and the player. It will do 5688 to 7312 physical damage and launch the affected players high in the air, causing 50% fall damage when they hit the ground.

    Locust Swarm:

    Every 70-120 seconds, Anub'Rekhan casts a spell that causes AoE damage in a wide radius (30 yards) around him (the AoE remains centered on Anub'Rekhan as he moves), he will also slow to 60% of normal run speed. Remaining in the radius of effect will cause a DoT debuff to stack repeatedly dealing 1313 to 1687 nature damage every 2 seconds per stack as well as silencing those afflicted. When he casts this spell, another Crypt Guard will also spawn at his initial engage point. Lasts 20 seconds.
    NOTE: The Locust Swarm attack has an approximately 90 second cooldown, however the first cast is not at a set time, between 80 seconds and 2 minutes. As well, the Locust Swarm is not a normal silence. Unlike a normal silence, it prevents the use of all abilities (even auto-attack). This means that the MT cannot use Shield Wall or Last Stand to save himself if he gets stacked too high. Items, however, are still able to be used.

    Summon Corpse Scarabs:

    Whenever there is a corpse in the room (either a player or a Crypt Guard) Anub'Rekhan may decide to spawn corpse scarabs from it. This is not on a set timer. Ten will be spawned from a Crypt Guard and five from a player. They spawn with threat on random players and will spread out and attack random targets.


    [b]Grand Widow Faerlina

    * Poison Bolt Volley:

    This will hit the ten closest players to Grand Widow Faerlina, used every 15 seconds. Deals 3375 to 4125 Nature damage and applies a dot that does 1900 to 2100 Nature damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Dispellable. Widow's Embrace prevents the use of this ability for 30 seconds.

    * Rain of Fire:

    Random Rains of Fire will be cast on players throughout the fight very often. 3700 to 4300 Fire damage every two seconds. Rain of Fire lasts six seconds. 8 yard radius.

    * Frenzy:

    This will be used approximately every 60-80 seconds. It will increase Grand Widow Faerlina's physical damage by 150%, her melee haste by 50% and her size by 50%. During it she will hit the tank for upwards of 20,000 damage. Widow's Embrace dispels and prevents the use of this ability for 60 seconds.

    NOTE: You must use Widow's Embrace AFTER she enrages if you want to stop her for the full 60 seconds. If you sacrifice the Worshipper before the enrage, it will merely delay the enrage for 30 seconds.

    Naxxramas Worshipper
    Naxxramas Worshipper
    Naxxramas Follower
    Naxxramas Follower
    Worshippers and Followers

    There are 6 NPCs at the start of the fight, 4 Worshipers and 2 Followers.

    They will be off-tanked for most of the fight, and eventually sacrificed to Faerlina. When mind controlled, they have a Widow's Embrace ability which when cast NEAR Faerlina can prevent Frenzy as well as silence Faerlina's nature school for 30 seconds. Using this ability actually kills the Worshiper, so this fight cannot last more than 4:45 or so because there will be no way to prevent the Frenzy if all the adds are dead.

    There are two ways of dealing with the Followers: off-tank them the entire fight or kill them first. If they are to be killed first, then they need to die quickly (around 30 seconds to bring both down). They do not hit particularly hard but will sometimes charge random people. In addition to that, they have an AoE silence, so try to have them tanked away from your caster classes.

    Maexxna has approximately 7,600,000 hit points.

    * Web Wrap:

    Cast at the 20 second mark, and then every 40 seconds after that. Sends one player flying towards the webs on the Western side of the wall, encasing them in a cocoon and incapacitating them. This ability sends the player to the same place all the time, and therefore positioning the DPS where the cocoons will spawn makes for much easier destruction of the cocoon. When encased, 2475 to 3025 Nature damage is done every 2 seconds. The cocoon, which is called "Web Wrap" and has about 15,000 health, can be destroyed from the outside.

    * Web Spray:

    Cast every 40 seconds incapacitating everyone in the room including the tank for 6 seconds, dealing 2188 to 2812 Nature damage. This ability cannot be resisted, and the only way to avoid it is to be dead, have Flask of Petrification, have Divine Intervention, or be already incapacitated by Web Wrap.

    * Poison Shock:

    Inflicts 4550 to 5850 Nature damage in a 15 yard frontal cone in front of Maexxna every 10 seconds.

    * Necrotic Poison:

    Reduces healing taken by 90% for 30 seconds. This needs to be cleansed immediately, Abolish Poison being the most effective way to remove it during the Web Spray. Applied to targets in melee range in front of Maexxna, generally the tank.

    * Frenzy:

    At 30% health, Maexxna will go into a killing frenzy that cannot be removed. Increases physical damage by 75%, melee haste by 50% and size by 15%.

    * Maexxna Spiderlings - 8 Small spiders are spawned at the 30 second mark, and then every 40 seconds after that. These hit for about 2,000 on cloth and have about 14,000 HP.

    well tell me whots you think

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